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Curso Intensivo de Balboa @ Dance Factory Studios, 14-DEZ a 25JAN

ATENÇÃO: Por não se ter chegado ao número mínimo, o workshop de Balboa foi cancelado. Para mais informações contactem lindyhopportugal@gmail.com

Já que está cá o Alan Stubbs de Inglaterra a viver durante 3 meses, queríamos aproveitar para criar um curso intensivo de iniciação ao Balboa, uma outra dança swing!

Para avançar com o curso, temos é que ter um número mínimo de 12 pessoas e equilíbrio entre leaders e followers.

Cá vai o poll para nós vermos se temos interesse suficiente para avançar (info de inscrição segue depois, se houver interesse no curso):


Vejam mais em baixo para um texto em inglês que o Alan escreveu para explicar o que ê o Balboa

Alan Stubbs, UK
na Dance Factory Studios, Campolide
4a-feira, 20.00-21.30

Datas previstas: (já para a semana!!! se confirmarmos número suficiente de alunos!)
dias 14, 21 de Dezembro
dias 04, 11, 18, 25 de Janeiro

60 Eur - preço normal
50 Eur - alunos actuais de Lindy Hop Portugal

50% 1ª aula Dezembro
50% 1ª aula Janeiro

What it is:

A swing dance that today combines two separate dances - "pure" bal which
is a close hold (it does not separate from the chest-to-chest connection)
dance originating in the ballrooms of the 1920s and 30s on the Balboa
Peninsula, in California - probably deriving from charleston and ballroom
dances in the crowded ballrooms - this influence can be seen in the
posture and connection of Pure Balboa. The second dance was "LA swing"
from LA/Southern California which was closer to Lindy hop and was danced
in an open/semi-open position. These two forms grew together to give what
is called Balboa today!

There is still much debate over the origins and "correct" form of this
dance - it has evolved a lot over the past decade.

Links about the history:

Peter Loggins is one of the main historians of Bal. I'm failing to find
any of his websites right now but his blog is:

The Beach Clip - the "Hellzapoppin" video for bal :-)

Many more can be found in the Bal and Bal Swing section of the excellent
collection from Bobby White:


Some names to Youtube:

Nick Williams and Sylvia Sykes
Bobby White and Kate Hedin
Anne-Helene and Bernard Cavasa
Peter Loggins and Mia Goldsmith
Jeremy Oth and Laura Keats
David Rehm and Marie Nahnfeldt
Marty Klempner
Jacob Wigger and Valerie Salstrom
Mickey Fortanasce and Kelly Arsenault

What it is not:

A dance done when the music is to fast for Lindy! This is merely one
slightly dubious use for it! It is commonly associated with fast music
but is (and was) danced to all tempos - slow-bal also exists! There is an
overlap with Lindy-able music but a lot of really good bal music does not
fit Lindy and vice-versa.

Who it is for:

If you have danced some Balboa before, you can focus on making the basic
moves even more perfect and then we will give you something more

If you have not danced Bal before but do dance Lindy, Tango or some other
form of partner dance then you will be able to use that body awareness to
pick up Balboa more quickly.

If you have never danced before, you will have plenty to learn! What you
won't have is any of the habits (bad or otherwise) associated with the
other forms of swing dance! Balboa works and feels very different to
Lindy hop!

Course outline:

8 intensive classes of 1.5 hour each - working on basic concepts in
detail and then building on them. There will be practise time during
which we will provide individual attention and feedback.

Course contents - in no particular order:

Pure bal:

Connection and pulse
Basic - up and down holds, triple time (maybe), shuffling (maybe)
Walking, side-scoots, slides
Crab walks
Come arounds - normal and continuous


Lolly kicks
Throwouts - regular, behind the back
In and outs - straight, rotating, travelling
The transition move
Inside turns in throwouts
Outside turns, elbow catches and Texas Tommies

Footwork variations for followers and leaders - in some or all of the above!

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