I'd like to tell them... if they're not dancing, get out there and dance! And do the lindy hop 'cause it's going to make them feel good Frankie Manning
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Fotos de Atlantic Swing Workshop @ Lisbon, 1-3 JUN

5 Years of Lindy Hop in Portugal!

In 1-3 June we celebrated 5 Years of Lindy Hop in Portugal with a mini-festival in Lisbon - our first ever event in the capital!

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Photo albums to remember those 4 magic days:

(The albums are in facebook!)

ASW Lisboa 2012 - Welcome Picnic

ASW Lisboa - The Green Rabbits' concert

ASW Lisboa 2012 - Workshops Saturday

ASW Lisboa 2012 - 5th Birthday Party

ASW Lisboa 2012 - Workshops Sunday

photos by Sofia Quintas / Foi Assim